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Five Non Surgical Procedures to Rejuvenate Your Face and Neck

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Video Highlights
0:04 Common hindrances to facial rejuvenation procedures
0:24 Non Surgical Procedures
0:28 Areas Botox is most effective to use
0:47 Customizing Botox results
0:51 Can Botox be used in the lower face?
1:02 What does Botox do to the muscles?
1:21 Botox as an Anti Aging agent
1:26 Getting to know Ultherapy
1:29 The benefits of using Ultherapy
1:47 New collagen creation
1:53 Wrinkle Fillers
2:01 The relationship between volume lost and aging
2:11 Common areas where we lose volume
2:30 Fractional CO2 Laser
2:46 Why Fractional CO2 is an evolutionary procedure
3:09 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
3:18 PRP harvesting
3:29 Benefits of growth factors
4:03 Who to contact for more details about these procedures

Hi, this is Dr Kelley. I’d like to talk to you today about five procedures which can be performed in the office to rejuvenate your face and your neck without you having surgery. Many of our patients want to look rested, rejuvenated and restored. They don’t wanted to be obvious that they had something done. Many of us are not able to take off from work in order to have procedure done which requires significant downtime. If you fit in any of these categories then non-surgical facial rejuvenation may be for you. realistic_pencil_sketch_photo_effect.png_500x333

The first procedure I’d like to talk about is Botox. Botox uses a purified protein which relaxes the muscles of facial expression helping to improve lines between the brows, lines in the forehead, and the small lines next to the eyes. Botox can be given in such a way that you still have movement of the muscles if that is what you desire. The treatment can be customized and individualized depending on what the result you desire.

One of the areas that you may not be aware that Botox could be use is in the lower face. Botox can be injected on the jaw line with a lift resulting in a tighter appearance of the jaw line. Botox will relax the muscles that falling down the jaw line such that the muscles that are pulling up are unopposed and can tighten the jaw line. Botox can also be used to help turn up the corners of the mouth. One of the signs of aging is that we develop lines coming from the corners of the mouth and the corners are also downturned. Botox can also be used in the neck to soften neck bands that can occur with aging.

Another procedure I’d like to talk to you about is Ultherapy. Ultherapy uses micro focus ultrasound energy to heat up the deeper tissues of the skin, stimulating collagen resulting in tightening and lifting. This procedure can help the jaw line, the neck, the loose skin under the chin and could also be a browlift. This procedure will result in new collagen formation and results continue to get better as your body makes new collagen. This procedure usually requires one treatment and it is safe for all skin types. It is a color blind procedure.

The third procedure I’d like to talk about are wrinkle fillers. Wrinkle fillers are used to fill in deeper wrinkles in the face but also can be used to restore volume. One of the things that occurs with aging is that we lose volume from fat loss as well as bone loss. One of the main areas that you lose volume is in the mid cheek. By restoring volume in the cheek it can help to soften nasal labia folds. Also can give an improvement to the jaw line and to look more rejuvenated and restored. Another area where we lose volume is in the temples. Putting volume back can give the eyes a more open appearance and help the eyes look more rejuvenated.

The fourth procedure that I’d like to discuss is Fractional CO2 Laser. CO2 laser has been used for years to oblate the skin resulting in improvement of sun damaged, wrinkled, crepey skin. Fractional CO2 laser is an evolution in the procedure since only a fraction of the skin is injured requiring less downtime, typically 4-6 days. The results from fractional laser treatments can be very remarkable. The skin looks healthier, pigment issues are resolved there is a slight tightening, you can easily take 5-10 years off. There is some downtime associated with procedure but the results are so great that most people don’t mind the downtime.

The last procedure I’d like to talk to you about is PRP or platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma comes from your own blood. We draw your blood, spin it in a special tube in centrifuge and the plasma that’s on top is rich in growth factors. When those growth factors are reinjected into the face we see an improvement in tone and texture and also an improvement in crepey skin. It helps give the skin a glow typically about 4 weeks after PRP is administered. People notice a smoothness, tightening, pores are reduced in size. We love PRP. It can be used as a standalone procedure typicall pre treatments are required or can be added on to other procedures such as Ultherapy.

So once again, hopefully this will give you some ideas about thinsg that you may need to have done on to your face or desire to have them on your face.

Non surgical skin rejuvenation that technology is evolving. And we would love to talk to you about whether or not any of these procedures are for you.

Please give us a call at 770-649-0094. You can email me at drkelley@cwaesthetics.com

Thank you very much for listening.

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