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Ultherapy Update: Atlanta Non Surgical Facelift, Ulthera

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0:03 What is ultherapy?
0:18 Ultherapy as an alternative to surgery
0:35 Ultherapy protocols at Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics9
0:48 Synergy between ultherapy and collagen stimulation
1:27 The evolving process and improvement of the procedure
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Hi this is Dr Kelley.
I’d like to give you an update on ultherapy at Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics.

Ultherapy is a procedure that uses ultrasound energy to heat up the
deeper tissues of the face stimulating collagen resulting in tightening
and lifting of the jaw line, skin underneath the chin, the neck and the

It is a great non surgical option for people who do not want to have
surgery or are candidates of surgery who do not have severe laxity. We
have device at our office for about two years and we found that we do
get great results when we go more aggressive with the lines of energy.

The protocols for the procedure have evolved over time and we have
found here in our office and actually built an official ultherapy
protocols now incorporate increase density of lines of treatment.
We have also noticed here on our office that we see a better result
when we combined the heat and the collagen stimulation of ultherapy
with plasma administration immediately after the procedure.
I have found that there is an improvement in tone and in texture and
improvement around the eyes, the skin just looks just healthier. There
is more of a glow, and there seems to be a synergy between the heating
of the ultherapy as well as the growth factors from rich plasma.

So once again, we continue to evolve and change and grow and improve
our procedure so we can give our patients the best results. So
hopefully that gives you a bit of an update about ultherapy and we will
hopefully see you in the future for consultation. Take care and thank
you for listening.

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