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Testimonial from one of our weight loss patients

“I lost 10lbs and several inches in 14 days on the Paleo plan. Learned to change my eating habits, feel better daily. Weight loss plan chosen for me by Dr Kelley was a absolute success.”

Thanks, REJ

Testimonial from one of our detox patients

I finally started the 14-day cleanse program you gave me in October, and I am thrilled at the results. I’ve tried a lot of detox programs, and none has worked as well for me as this protocol. My energy levels and over-all sense of well-being improved from day 1, and I didn’t get that typical feel-bad-before-good reaction in most detox programs. On top of that, I haven’t really craved any of the bad foods I’ve eliminated. I’m 8 days in and I’ve lost 10 lbs. I can only describe my experience as extraordinary. I feel so good that I don’t want to stop at 14 days, and that has NEVER happened.

Given the immediate change in energy levels, I have to believe that there is something in the shake or the supplements that is key.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

Obesity is a major health problem in the United States. Fast food, lack of exercise and stress are factors in developing weight problems and disease. We view obesity as a symptom of other underlying conditions that have damaged the metabolism. Some of these underlying causes include food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, toxicity and insulin resistance. By treating underlying causes, patients get healthier and feel better as well as losing weight. Detoxification can be an important component of fat loss because toxins can be stored in fat cells and the body may resist releasing the fat because of these toxins.

As we grow older, we have a tendency to lose muscle mass and gain fat. Loss of muscle with aging is called Sarcopenia.  This process can begin as early as age 25. We can lose up to 5% of our lean muscle every decade. Providing adequate nutrition to support muscle is an important component of a good weight management program. We also offer a medical food which has been clinically shown to maintain lean muscle by helping you release more of your own growth hormone.

The goals of a successful weight loss program are:

  • Sustained, moderate weight loss that is primarily fat loss, not muscle
  • Create lifestyle changes and habits that result in maintaining weight loss
  • Help the patient learn about healthy foods
  • Emphasize the importance of exercise for health and to help maintain weight los
  • Reasonable eating plan that is not extreme and can be used for maintenance of weight loss
  • Identification of hormone imbalances that may be promoting fat storage
  • Reduce stress and improve sleep. High stress and lack of sleep promote fat storage.

One of the major problems with many weight management programs is there is not a focus on providing support so that you maintain your weight loss. Patients will lose weight and regain it over and over. We have established a program that sets you up to be able to keep the weight off.

Our Lighten Up weight management program incorporates healthy lifestyle changes. healthy eating, exercise and a reasonable eating plan. Our eating plan is not very low calorie diet and teaches you how to eat properly.  Our patients are seeing tremendous results. We tailor our programs to each patients specific needs and goals.

Our Lighten Up Program offers:

  • Detoxification phase to help with clearing toxins, which can result in increased inflammation and difficult losing weight
  • Reasonable, healthy eating plan. This is not a very low calorie diet. It is typically a 1000 calorie diet.
  • Medical supervision with frequent visits and check-ins (We are flexible if your work schedule makes it difficult to come in weekly)
  • Weekly Lipovite injections which support fat burning
  • Detoxification phase to help with clearing toxins, which can result in increased inflammation and difficult losing weight
  • Supplements to support fat burning

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