Vampire Facelift, Atlanta

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0:15 What is Plate Rich Plasma?
0:43 Getting better results
0:55 Volume restoration with PRP
1:08 Suitable age for PRP
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Hi this is Dr Kelley. I’d like to tell you a little bit about PRP Lift and the vampire facelift.
PRP or platelet rich plasma has been used for years in other surgical applications but just recently in the past three years or so have been administered to the face. Platelet Rich Plasma comes from your own blood and it’s drawn and processed such that the plasma that’s harvested is rich in platelets. These platelets when they are activated release growth factors and these growth factors improve collagen, elastin, thickness of the skin and improves circulation in the area where they are injected. It has been found that when combining PRP injections with filler injections like, Restylne and Juvederm that there is an enhanced appearance and a better result.

When PRP was first administered to the face, it was hoped that it would replace fillers. However, it’s been found that PRP does not restore volume and the cheeks or deeper folds and that the combination of the two yields better result. The PRP Lift is great for people who are in their 30’s or early 60’s who have lost some volume in the cheeks, have folds by the corners of their mouth do not have severe laxity and wants to see an improvement in crepey skin. It can really rejuvenate the eye if they are administered in the eye area using blunt needles which is less traumatic than sharp needles.

We would love to see you to tell you if PRP Lift or vampire facelift is something that would be of benefit to you. So please contact us for consultation and we can tell you more about it.

Thank you for listening.

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