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0:03 What is Exilis
0:15 Non surgical use of Exilis
0:27 Areas where you can use Exilis
0:47 Much like a stone massage
0:54 Recommended number of treatments
1:21 When can you see results?
1:30 Consultations

Hi, this is Dr Kelley. I’d like to tell you about Exilis a procedure that we now offer at the Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics. Exilis uses radio frequency to heat up the deeper tissue of the skin, stimulating collagen that results in the lifting and tightening. Exilis can also be used for body sculpting non surgically because it does also have an effect on fat. This is a non surgical procedure which does not require needles, numbing and has no down time. Typical areas that can be treated are the face, the neck, around the eyes and also it can be used when the body for sculpting the abdomen, the back of the arms, the [un], bra bulges and inner thighs. This procedure really works and there is no downtime associated with it. It is not painful and feels similar to having a hot stone massage. A series of treatment is usually recommended and extra consultation where we would make recommendations of treatments you need to have.

When using this procedure for body sculpting it works well if you are doing cardiovascular exercise three to four times a week. You will see a better result in the fat burning. With the skin, the procedure is usually done every two weeks. You can see result after one treatment but it continues to get better after four to five treatments. So we’d love to tell you a little bit more about Exilis and welcome you to come for consultation. Please do give us a call at 770-649-0094.

Thank you for your attention and listening. We look forward to meeting you.

To see some of the results our clients have with Exilis, you can go to our Exilis before and after photos.


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