voluma imageVoluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that has been formulated to revolumize the cheeks. This filler gives a lift and enhances the midface. It is a Juvederm product that is the newest addition to the line. Voluma has been shown to last up to 2 years. Voluma can be injected off label into other areas of the face but the primary area of injection is the cheeks.  It has a smooth consistency and gives a natural appearance.

juvederm_voluma_xc_bannerVoluma can give you a subtle lift, helping to restore contour and a more youthful profile, for up to 2 years. Unlike other fillers commonly used to treat the midface, Voluma is hyaluronic acid (HA) filler. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring, hydrating substance found in your skin. As you age, you start to lose HA, which causes the skin to lose structure and volume. Juvederm Voluma is unique in that the HA is cross-linked through a process called Vycross that helps provide an excellent lifting capacity and can be molded and shaped into the desired contour after injection.


ogee curve 2Enhancing the lateral cheek can give an uplifted appearance to the face. There is a curve that is seen in youthful faces called the Ogee curve. It is a  double soft-S curve that is seen on the youthful face from an oblique angle. There is fullness in the lateral brow that softly curves in at the outer corner of the eye and curves outward on the upper cheek. Restoring this curve helps the face appear more youthful.



Dr. Kelley can inject Voluma to enhance the apple of the cheek, lift the apex of the cheek and contour the lower cheek area. She can also restore the OG curve of youth. This will give your face a rejuvenation that is soft and natural.

We will discuss the plan for facial rejuvenation that best suits you at your consultation. To learn more about Voluma contact our Roswell, GA office, proudly serving the Atlanta metro, today by simply filling out the form in the top right corner or calling (770)649-0094.

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