Fractional Laser Procedure Roswell, Georgia

Points from the video:
00 : 09 – Modern Procedure For Skin Tightening
00 : 25 – Associates Of Collagen Loss
00 : 40 – Procedure That Improves Tone And Skin Texture
01 : 10 – Results From The Laser Procedure

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Fractional Laser Roswell, Georgia

Hi, this is Dr. Kelley, I would like to talk to you a little bit about modern procedures which can help with tightening of the skin. Loss of tightness is a common complaint, and patients may point to a particular area such as the jaw line, under the chin, the neck, or the skin around the eyes as being areas where they notice that their skin is not as tight.

Fractional LaserSometimes patients complain that they just notice overall that their skin just isn’t as tight as it used to be. Loss of collagen is associated with aging and is associated with wrinkles, fine lines, creepiness, increased pore size, as well as looseness of the skin. One of the modern procedures that can help with tightening of the skin is the fractional laser.

The laser damages the outer layer of the skin, resulting in a healing response and generation of new skin that has an improved tone and texture with less fine lines or wrinkles, less pigmentation. This procedure can also give a shrink-wrapping effect in tightening the skin. There is some down time associated with the fractional laser, four to seven days, depending on the level of aggression of the treatment.

However, this treatment can be customized such that you have two less aggressive treatments versus one if you do not have the ability to have that much downtime. The results from the procedure outweigh the inconvenience of the downtime because this procedure could easily take three to five years of aging off of the face.

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