We, as human beings, are incredibly complex. Our DNA contains the roadmap for the structure and function of our cells. We inherit 1/2 of our DNA from our mother and 1/2 from our father. There have been remarkable advances in mapping the human genome.

Genes map out our eye color, skin color and other traits. However, we are not totally defined by our genetic makeup. There is a science called Epigenetics which looks at factors that can turn genes on or off. For example. all of the cells contain the came DNA but the genes that are expressed in the brain are different than the genes that are expressed in our muscles. Certain genes are turned on and off.

It has been found that our cells interact constantly with our environment and there are factors that can promote the expression of certain genes. Our mood, our diet, our stress levels can have an impact on gene expression.

Dr. Kelley now offers Epigenetic coaching for optimal health. The data obtained from a test like 23andme is used to help you Optimize your health and wellness.

Areas looked at include Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, Supplementation and Detoxification.

If you would like to learn more about our Optimal Health and Wellness programs, give us a call and we can tell you more.

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