Commonly Asked Questions about Hormones

Commonly asked Questions about Hormone visits
Will my health insurance cover my visit?
It is very likely that it will not. We provide a Superbill with the codes that you can use to try to file for reimbursement. Fees for for the visit are due the day of service. Filing and dealing with insurance issues is a full time job. Our staff is small and the doctor prefers to invest in your care free of the challenges that occur when participating in managed care.
Are you taking new patients?
Yes, we are. We have changed our procedure for new patients. Initially, you are scheduled for a complimentary consultation with Kim Hines, our practice manager and hormone coach. If you have labs, you can bring them with you. Dr. Kelley will review your labs and your history and then determine if you need further testing. Once your labs are in, you then have a visit with Dr. Kelley to review your results and determine of plan of action.
What types of hormones does Dr. Kelley prescribe?
The prescriptions may be for thyroid hormone, sex hormones in the form of creams, pills or troches. We also offer hormone pellet therapy.
 How often do I need to be seen at the office?
Typically visits are every 3 months. After you are stable on your hormone regiment, they may be spaced to every 6 months.
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