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Anti-aging for Men

Bioidentical Hormones for Men


Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the blood, which carries them to organs and tissues of the body to exert their functions. There are many types of hormones that act on different aspects of bodily functions and processes. Some of the classes or hormones include:

  • Thyroid hormones
  • Sex hormones
  • Adrenal hormones-Cortisol and DHEA
  • Hormones like insulin which regulate carbohydrate metabolism

Our hormone assessment evaluates these different classes of hormones in order to help you get your body in balance.

Bioidentical sex hormones are hormones that have the same structure as those produced naturally by the body.  Sex hormone levels can decline with aging. This can occur in women and men. Perimenopause and menopause occur in women resulting in changes in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. These conditions became highly publicized when Oprah and Suzanne Somers revealed to the public that these hormones have improved their lives. Common symptoms of sex hormone imbalances in women include hot flashes, mental fogginess, low libido and vaginal dryness.are Hormone deficiencies are not exclusive to women. Men can experience a decline in testosterone levels associated with low testosterone such as lack of motivation, depression and sexual issues. This condition is called Low T, Manopause or Andropause.

It is not uncommon as men age and testosterone levels drop for them to lack motivation, have a lower libido and fell grumpy and irritable. Testosterone is a very important hormone in men and helps with energy, motivation, being able to build muscle and libido. Testosterone can be repleted with creams or injections.

Low energy can also result from thyroid and/or adrenal imbalances. We can test for these hormone levels and develop programs to balance them.

A valuable resource regarding Low testosterone in men is the book Testosterone for Life.

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Nutritional Therapies

B12 shots and Myer’s cocktails can improve mood and energy by providing nutrients that may be lacking in the diet or poorly absorbed.

Cosmetic procedures


Our injectable procedures are the most popular with our male patients. Botox or Bro-tox can soften lines in the forehead, between the brows and by the eyes. Some men feel that this helps them to be more competitive in the workplace. Restoring lost volume in the face with fillers can give a more youthful appearance.  The Vampire facelift which combines fillers with PRP injections is q popular procedure.



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