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Pricing Info

Our philosophy about pricing.

We receive many calls about pricing of our aesthetic procedures. While price is important, we feel it is more important for you to have a consultation where your concerns are discussed, options are discussed and a Treatment plan is created. This is your precious face and body we are talking about. Calling around for the cheapest prices may not get you the best experience or result.

We know that our potential clients do a lot of research. You should do you due diligence but to make a decision based solely on price is not optimal. The procedure you think will give you the desired results may not be the right procedure for you.

Our office prides itself on great patient relationships and great patient results. Our doctor is not going to recommend something to you that she does not believe is going to give you a great result. To make this process more convenient for you we do offer complimentary Virtual consultations as well as in-office consultations. Having a Virtual consultation can save you from having to travel to our office and can get your questions answered quickly.

Depending on the concern, it may be necessary for you to come in so that she can see the area of concern more clearly and do an exam.

To have a Virtual consultation, you will need to fill out an online cosmetic history form or we can email you a pdf that you can email us. Our email is HIPAA compliant. We will give you instructions about how to send your pictures to us so that things are kept private.

We have created a short list showing pricing for a few procedures-just so you have a ballpark for where the prices begin.


Botox – $12/unit

Fillers– $525 and up

Perfect Derma Peel – $350

Exilis of the body $450 per area

Exilis of the lower face and neck– $750-$900

Vivace RF Microneedling face and neck with PRP $1500/session  $2700 for pkg of 2

We have had our Vivace for a year and have fine tuned our protocol. It is more aggressive. It is not a spa treatment. It is meant to obtain results. We do multiple 3 or more passes. We only do this procedure with PRP for skin rejuvenation and scar treatments. . It is more effective than hyaluronic acid and growth factors. We put all of our clients on a pre Vivace skin care regimen for 3-4 weeks to prepare their skin for  Vivace RF Microneedling.

Vivace of the face with Growth Factors for active Acne    $775/session 3 sessions for $1750 (Savings of $575)

Vivace of the body with PRP 1 body area for stretch marks $1100 for single session  Special pricing for packages customized to each client



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