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Exilis Body Roswell, Georgia

Get rid of unwanted Fatty Bulges without Surgery! Join our Exilis Belly Buster Challenge

Did you know that stubborn belly fat can be related to hormone imbalances and very difficult to get rid of with traditional dieting and exercise. Often, in the past, the only option was liposuction. However, with Exilis you have a nonsurgical option to get rid of those bulges. Exilis uses a type of energy called radiofrequency to heat up fat cells to a temperature which results in destruction of fat cells. That means the number of fat cells go down. We have had patients lose 3-4 inches with a single treatment. The only other procedures which can reduce the number of fat cells are surgical. Exilis is not surgery. It requires no needles, no numbing and has no downtime. So call us today at 770-649-0094 to join the our Cobb Exilis Belly Buster challenge. Special pricing to the first 10 who sign up.

Exilis-Roswell, Georgia

Exilis before after 1 treatment

Exilis-Body-Roswell, Georgia

Exilis Results after 1 treatment

What is Exilis?

Exilis Roswell, Georgia is a device that uses a type of energy called radiofrequency to heat the skin, stimulating collagen production. It also can be used to get rid of undesired body fat. When fat cells are heated up to a certain temperature, they are destroyed. The goal during the procedure is to reach that temperature and maintain it for the optimal time to reduce the fatty area. Bra bulges ,belly bulges and muffin tops can be reduced. We are seeing results after one treatment. As much as 3-4 inches with the first session. Cardio exercise boosts the results and we recommend exercising the same day as a treatment.

What areas can be treated?

There is no need to apply numbing cream prior to the treatment. During the treatment, a handpiece is repeatedly passed over the area of concern. Once the area reaches a certain temperature, a reduction in fat cells is seen. We recommend treatments every week to two weeks in a package of 5 to 6 in order to see the best results.

Is Exilis for you?

The best way to determine if Exilis Roswell, Georgia is the procedure for you is to set up a Consultation. It works well for those who desire a nonsurgical body sculpting procedure.

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